10 things…we learned this spring

  1. Around the world, more iPhones are sold daily than babies born.
  2. Until the late 1960s, Disneyland used to deny entrance to male guests with long hair.
  3. A group of jellyfish is known as a bloom, a fluther, a smack or a sluth.
  4. Margarine was invented in 1869 in response to a prize offered by Napoleon III.
  5. A honey badger’s skin can withstand a machete blow. It can also twist right round within this skin to surprise attackers.
  6. It is illegal for a British MP to enter the Houses of Parliament in full armour, according to a 1313 statute.
  7. Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and Katy Perry have more Twitter followers than the entire population of many countries, including Germany, Turkey, South Africa, Canada, Argentina, and Egypt
  8. 60% of internet users expect mobile sites to load on their phone in three seconds or less.
  9. Messiah is in the top 400 names for boys in America.
  10. Moustache transplants are popular in Turkey.


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